søndag 16. august 2015

One morning, just before summertime..

We were so happy when we got the news of having a performance here in Aquarama. The wonderful new bath in Kristiansand. Its beautiful architecture, lovely atmosphere and what a view! I didn't have my camera, but some of us took some pictures and I looked trough it just now.  So I thought it might be cool to show you:-)

Iv´e noticed that some of you are english-speaker/reader, so I´ll try to keep my english up in this blog. Iĺl post more picś when getting a phone (got lost last weekend..)



Too much water in my eyes.. 

making the place safe.

looking at the lines, curves, atmosphere..

Playing in "Film Noir"

Curves,lights and color. 

Some of us. Me, making mermaid- dance..:-)

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